Driving Edge Limited, Garston, Liverpool

Driving Edge is an employment agency providing contract warehouse, stacker-truck and HGV personnel to major distribution companies. The company operates from a centralised HQ in Runcorn but has personnel nationwide and operates 24/7. In 1999 it decided to automate all its recruitment procedures including placing advertisements, organising interviews, allocating successful candidates, equipment tracking (overalls, boots etc.) and other peripheral functions. P&L have been supporting Driving Edge Limited ever since.

A feature of the system is the use of the Post Office database for matching postcodes to grid references to determine the distance from a candidate’s residence to the place of work. This enables the company database of prospective candidates, currently in excess of 75,000 records, to be searched by postcode to find those nearest to the recruiting workplace. P&L delivered a complete solution with bespoke operations software, corporate email, internet, fax, remote access, mirrored servers for critical application management and remote offsite back-up systems.

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