DuckDuckGo – the search engine that repsects your privacy.

If you use Google then forget your privacy.  Google tracks everyone and everything about it’s users in it’s search engine, even in privacy (incognito) mode, and then effectively sells the data through it’s ‘ad network’.

It doesn’t stop at search engines, Google tracks you on every service they run, YouTube, GMail, Chrome, Android, GMaps etc

DuckDuckGo the search engine that doesn’t track you.

When you enter ‘car’ into Google it adds this to your internet ‘profile’, and makes this information available to their ‘ad network’ which is embedded across millions of sites and apps.  The top search results are almost entirely websites that sell cars in your area.  Try it.

Enter ‘car’ into DuckDuckGo, because it doesn’t know anything about you, comes up with a completely different set of results.  For instance, because it doesn’t know anything about you, includes all relevant websites and not necessarily from your location, for this you would enter ‘car uk’ etc. 

There’s much more that Google does that affects your privacy and why DuckDuckGo is gaining popularity, albeit slowly.

For an in-depth comparison click here.

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