GDPR – Don’t forget your laptop

Glasgow City Council fined £150,000 for losing two unencrypted laptops with the personal information of 20,000 people stored on them.  

I’ve previously blogged about the potential changes that may be required to local backups using disk and tape that may hold PII, Personal Identifiable Information.

But what about mobile and home workers?
Any devices capable of storing PII are subject to the same restrictions.

So, all the usual protection needs to be in place, antivirus, encryption, physical storage, safe transport and so on.
In addition, any electronic data transfers between mobile devices and central office, say, also need to be encrypted.  Now it gets technical, this should be achieved using a VPN, Virtual Private Network, and not a direct connection that uses a public IP address, you should discuss this with your IT department.
For a more in-depth discussion on GDPR and mobile devices click here.

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