GDPR – General Data Protection Registrar and what you need to know and do.

This is an extract from our January 2017 Newsletter.  Please give P&L a call if you are concerned with GDPR and the implications for your company. 

What you need to know?

The legislation is already law but will not be implemented until 25th May 2018.
The new legislation increases fines significantly, from £500,000 maximum with the DPA to €20,000,000 or 4% of annual global turnover whichever is the larger for the GDPR.  Fines are administered by the Information Commissioner’s Office,  This is the government body that will be responsible for all things GDPR in the UK, so click on the link and get started.

What you need to do?

The first thing is to find out if you’re already registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act (DPA).  Many SMEs for instance will have registered as far back as 1984 and then forgotten about it.  You can search or download  the register to see if you’ve in it or not here.To assist there is a self assessment available to determine if you need to be registered under the current Data Protection Act and a checklist of things to do now in readiness for the new legislation.If you need to register most companies will pay a £35 fee, so clearly affordable.  You can cancel or amend your registration, and if you’re not sure help is available.

What next?

If you need to comply there is a summary here of the information you need to register, but the best way is to look at someone else’s, so click here and enter  Z5638423 into the Registration Number box.This will bring up the registration for South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Apart from having the wrong address the entry is typical for that of an SME.A few more you could try—Z5476883 Z7183951 ZA030681As you can see the entries are very similar with the exception of to what ‘purpose’ the personal information is held.


All UK companies need to review their data protection policies in line with the new GDPR legislation by May 25th 2018, and to register such with the ICO.

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