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Software – Levy and McRae are a highly successful and well-regarded solicitors’ practice in Glasgow.

P&L Software Solutions were approached to write a time-recording system for use by their fee-earners and to introduce document management systems. 

The time-recording system was designed to be operated by the fee-earners themselves so the brief was that the system should be extremely simple to use and as unobtrusive as possible. This system has been a major success and a mainstay of the operation of the practice.

Document management has been a similar success: letters, submissions, emails and other documents are all held on computer files, organised by Client Case. P&L Software Solutions wrote a system which provided a “window” through which to create, view and manage these documents. This has improved staff efficiency through better housekeeping and improved document retrieval.

Some clients and other parties can also be granted access to documents relating to specific cases via a web-portal. This helps keep clients informed about their particular cases, so provides a valuable tool to enhance customer service and improve relationships.

For security reasons, access is granted on a case-by-case basis, and is controlled via a secure logon procedure. This means a client can only view documents relating to their own cases and will never have access to any other documents. Additionally, the client can have access to his current billing information via the Time Recording system.

The web portal facility offers an extremely valuable tool to the practice, enabling cases to be handled more efficiently and clients to be kept fully informed.

IT Services – Although Levy & McRae are 236 miles from P&L’s headquarters, we are able to give excellent support using a VPN connection that allows us to remotely access all the workstations, printers and routers from our offices. Current facilities include a server, 45 workstations, corporate email, fax and internet.

Two particular requirements were the management of 24 separate databases, each of which are on separate CD-ROM’s and the consistent delivery of reliable, timely and cost-effective email throughout the world, which is delivered via our email continuity program.

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