Massey Bros (Feeds) Ltd

Massey’s are long-standing customers of P&L. Back in 2004, P&L installed Novell file servers at their two sites and have maintained them since. However, a third site has since been acquired which was already using a Microsoft Windows network. So the decision was taken in 2013 to replace them with Microsoft Windows Servers which would allow all three sites to communicate seamlessly with each other and allow for future expansion.

The opportunity was also taken to introduce business continuity arrangements via virtualised servers and upgrade the broadband from ADSL broadband to superfast fibre.

Following the broadband upgrade, there were three distinct challenges to be addressed; migration of two sites from Novell to Windows, integration with a third site, and ensuring seamless connection and remote working using all three sites.

Implementation involved two stages. Firstly, new Windows file servers were installed into the two existing sites as a single domain network allowing users to logon seamlessly at either site. Secondly, a “trust relation” was created between the existing and new site domains to allow communication between all three sites with no impact on the network from a performance, support or maintenance perspective.

The company has now achieved a genuine, corporate multisite network and P&L Networks are happy to continue to support all three sites, both centrally and locally.

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