Microsoft closes eBook service (Bruce Willis was right)–why-the-bruce-willis-apple-itunes-story-matters.html

In a nutshell he thought he’d purchased the music in his iTunes account but he hasn’t according to iTunes.
OK, so what’s the problem.  Well, he wanted to leave his music collection to his daughters but he can’t.  I suppose they could always use the account credentials for access and hope iTunes don’t realise his demise, and on it goes, Bruce Willis lives forever!

This article on the BBC today highlights a similar issue, this time with books.

Microsoft are ceasing their eBook service.  Anyone who subscribes to it will lose all their content and, as the article explains, they will get their money back but that’s only because there are a small number of subscribers.
But it goes further than this.  How do you loan an eBook to a friend?  Can you leave your eBook collection when you die?
The answer, of course, in both cases is no.

On-line subscriptions are great, to a point.  We all use them, including me, but they aren’t perpetual, just like us…. 

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