POP to Office365 migration

After many years using an excellent POP email server our client required a more collaborative product to manage a growing work force.
The first step was to migrate the email system to Office365 in preparation for implementing a ‘groupware’ solution.

The main challenge was that after many years the build-up of emails was extensive with some users having in excess of 50Gb of live and archived emails that needed to be migrated, and the challenge was these users wanted to continue using their emails during transition.
There’s no quick fix in this situation, you just have to get on with it.  This is what the client said at the end of the process –
‘Thank you for your assistance in getting this done.  I really appreciate your patience in sorting everyone out.In general it has gone very smoothly with the exception of those with the big archive files.So once again thank you so much.’
Another satisfied P&L client!!!

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