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PBS is a new company delivering accountancy services to organisations in the transport industry.

Services are provided both on-site and from their base in the North West so it is important to have secure access to a central repository of client data. One significant issue was that there is often no one in the office to back up and secure data at the end of the day and a scheduled off-site backup was too expensive for an embryonic company.

The requirement for frequent remote access to a central, secure source lent itself well to a cloud-based solution.

P&L provided a remote access solution via our data centre and host their accounting system with access provided as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). As we provide and maintain the infrastructure to support the PBS software, it reduces the hardware cost of ownership for PBS as they start to establish their company and allows expansion at their own pace.

The solution been so successful that P&L Networks have been asked to host a similar solution for a new PBS venture which provides contract labour to the transport industry. The software to support this venture will again be hosted on infrastructure provided by P&L Networks which will allow both PBS staff and clients to access the system at the different locations where contract labour is used.

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