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Internet Telephony & Call-Bundles 
Many of us have already moved over to Internet Telephony, VoIP, and probably bought into a call bundle.
Call bundles are great for landline numbers beginning with 01,02,03 and 07 for mobiles.  But what happens when you go out of bundle, for instance if you dial an 0870 number, or for that matter, or any other premium rate number? 
You pay.  How much depends on the tariff set by the ‘owner’ of the number plus any charge the service provider decides to add on.  This link to Ofcom explains the call charges in more detail.

Illegal use of premium rate numbers
In June 2014 calls to help desks, complaints etc. could only be charged at the national call rate, and you are entitled to a refund of the difference if you were charged more.  In addition, all premium rate numbers should give the charges in advance of the charges starting.
This doesn’t address any charge put on by the service provider, but does explain why calls to 0800 numbers are not free.
You can complain about illegal premium rate numbers here.

A few helpful links
Here’s a useful website – from which you can search for the equivalent landline number.
This doesn’t always work because the other party can block these numbers.

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