Sky discontinues IE support

Yesterday morning, 15/03/2018, I was on my laptop enjoying the golf using the Sky IE webapp.
Had an enjoyable lunch, but then my afternoon, and the rest of my life, was ruined!
In the afternoon when I tried to enjoy the golf again I was presented with a web page telling me to download the new, improved, app to my desktop.  No advanced warning, nothing.  (They’ve done this before with Teletext).
I don’t want the app.  I was very happy using the IE webapp.  It did everything I wanted.  It didn’t interfere with the other apps I have on my computer, I didn’t have to worry about updates, I could use it on any Windows PC without installation, I didn’t have to troubleshoot when things went wrong, I didn’t have to worry about other apps, like antivirus etc., interfering with my viewing pleasure and I didn’t have to reinstall every time I got a new computer.


I called Sky Customer Services department who knew nothing about this app and scuttled off to Technical and came back with ‘tough, the app is the only way to access Sky on a PC’, or words to that effect.
I called Sky Billing to cancel my sports package.  When asked why, again they knew nothing about the app and scuttled off to Technical and eventually transferred my call to them.  The unhelpful technician started to explain the advantages of the new app, but I cut him short and explained all the disadvantages.  He couldn’t disagree.

I’ve complained to Sky, if you want to do the same their address is –

Complaints Team
Sky Subscriber Services Limited
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

And good luck with that!  But I feel better for doing it. 

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