Telephony – free Call Recoding software.

We recently installed a new VoIP telephony solution using Grandstream OnPrem PBX and handsets.

There was a requirement was to have call recording on one phone only.

Previously the client used Audacity but the new PBX includes Call Recording, but if you haven’t got a Grandstream PBX read on.

Every Grandstream handset includes a spare RJ9 connector which, although usually used for a hands-free headset, can also be used for voice recording using your PC and Audacity, a Freeware cross-platform solution for recording and editing sound, (and much more).

You only need an RJ9 to 3.5mm jack cable, cost less than £2 off ebay, and speakers!  And it doesn’t matter if you’re telephony is OnPrem or Hosted since it works directly off the handset not the PBX.

If you’re looking at moving over to VoIP then why not give us a call, 01270 259740.

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