Thinking of changing broadband. Read this first.

In the last two months we’ve had a number of calls from individuals and companies who have upgraded their broadband to fibre or leased line, or just changed broadband supplier, without involving their IT support.
Typical issues experienced are ‘can’t print’, ‘can’t get on the internet’, ‘can’t access the network through wireless’, ‘can’t remote into the office’, ‘no email’ and so on.

Usually these are caused by the fibre broadband provider supplying a router/firewall with the wrong internal and/or external network addresses.

Sometimes this is OK when devices, like PCs, get network addresses supplied automatically, (called dynamic addresses using DHCP), but shared devices like servers and printers etc. will be on a fixed, or static, network address.  For devices to be visible to each other on a network they have to be on the same network address range, the subnet.

If users can’t remote in to the internal network from the internet or email has stopped working then this is usually caused by the new broadband being assigned a different static internet address, or a dynamic address that changes every few days, (there are workarounds for this called DynamicDNS).

The bottom line is don’t change your broadband without involving your IT support!!!

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