Which Browser is best?

Internet browsers aren’t just for searching the internet, the job they were tasked with since AOL, Netscape, Compuserve and so on.
We should consider them as a data collection tool for Google, Microsoft and the likes.

So, privacy and security are of prime importance when choosing a browser if you don’t want your personal details revealed to third parties. 

So, when we ask the question, ‘which browser is best’ shouldn’t we be asking ‘which browser has the best privacy and security’, which is a whole different ball game.
You should read this article from ITPro magazine for a more in-depth analysis of the major browsers.

In summary –
Chrome is average for privacy but great for performance.  (You’d sort of expect that since it’s owned by Google).
Firefox is OK but wasn’t outstanding in any category with the exception of privacy for which it was very good, but then as an independent vendor that’s not unexpected. 
Edge performed well in almost every category, with Microsoft behind it and running on another Microsoft product, Windows 10, you’d be disappointed if it didn’t.
Safari on Macs was by far the best.

Internet Explorer 
Internet Explorer is effectively end-of-life but still used by a significant proportion of Windows users, including Windows 10.  Edge is let down by the lack of extensions and no support for Silverlight, as I’m sure all go.sky.com users are well aware, so IE may be here for some time yet.

So – ‘which is the best browser’
An easy question to answer if you’re a Mac user, but not so for Windows users because it depends what you want, privacy or performance.
Personally I’m a fan of Firefox, but that’s because I’ve used it since it became the only real alternative to IE.  I’ve never got to grips with Chrome, Firefox does everything I want to do on the internet, except there is no support for go.sky.com!!!
Our engineers prefer IE, but aren’t generally using Edge.

Coming soon – Browser security & privacy settings.

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