Wireless Security & Guest Networks

Current estimates say that 95% of UK companies have implemented a wireless network of some description with some level of WIPS (Wireless Intruder Prevention System) or WIDS (Wireless Intruder Detection System) security to prevent unauthorised access.

However, many companies have visitors that require internet access through the wireless network for email and so on.
This can make the corporate network, servers, PCs etc, visible and although access to data can be protected it’s best to take the view that what can be seen can accessed.

By implementing a GUEST wireless network visibility to the corporate network can be prevented.  Additional features are available like limiting bandwidth to prevent impact on network users, or turning the guest network off when not required.

Another issue many companies are experiencing is access to the the internet by smartphones.  This can take up significant bandwidth but can be controlled by implementing a guest network, other security features can prevent smartphone access in part or completely.

P&L recommend all it’s clients implement a secure guest network.

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